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Special thanks to Young-Soo, Alwyn, Paolo, BW and l3art.

Flash Bronzer, Sôleil and High Resolution Collaser :

The 4 Tresor pictures by Bettina Rheims :

Teint Idole Ultra and Virtuôse :

new! new!

Color ID and Primordiale Optimum :

Color ID and Primordiale Optimum :

Impactive and Rénergie :

Purple Rain and Résolution :

Impactive, Rouge Attraction and Photogenic :

thanks to BW

Flextencils, Hydra Zen Nuit and Star Bronzer :

thanks to BW

Rouge, Chic and Rouge Absolu :

thanks to BW thanks to BW thanks to Alwyn

Trésor, the Fragrance for treasured moments :

picture by Dominique Issermann picture by Dominique Issermann

Flash Bronzer, Sôleil and Brillant Magnetic :

Instinct, Rouge Absolu and Brillant Magnetic :

Aromatonic, Sôleil and Aromacalm :

Hydra-Zen, Flash Bronzer and Rouge Magnetic :

Passage, Hydra-Zen and Vitabolic :

make-up by Fred Farrugia

Flash Bronzer and Chrysalide :

thanks to Alwyn make-up by Fred Farrugia make-up by Fred Farrugia

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