Here is the complete filmography of Ines :

  • La Cena per farli conoscere
    directed by Pupi Avati (2007)
    Ines Sastre : Ines Lanza

Ines in "La Cena per farli conoscere"

  • The Lost City
    directed by Andy Garcia (2005, released in 2006)
    Ines Sastre : Aurora

Ines during the making of "The Lost City"

  • Io No
    directed by Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi (2003)
    Ines Sastre : Laura

Ines in "Io No"

  • Volpone
    directed by Frederic Auburtin (2003)
    Ines Sastre : Celia

  • Torrente 2 : Mision en Marbella
    directed by Santiago Segura (2000, released in 2001)
    Ines Sastre : a cabaret singer

  • Vidocq
    directed by Pitof (2000, released in 2001)
    Ines Sastre : Preah

  • Vercingetorix
    directed by Jacques Dorfmann (1999, released in 2001)
    Ines Sastre : Epona

Ines during the making of "Vercingetorix"

  • Estela Canto, un amor de Borges
    directed by Javier Torre (1999)
    Ines Sastre: Estela Canto

  • Le Comte de Monte-Cristo
    directed by Josée Dayan (1997, released in 1998 for the french TV)
    Ines Sastre: Haydee

Ines with Gérard Depardieu in "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo"

  • Il testimone dello sposo (aka The Best Man)
    directed by Pupi Avati (1997, released in 1998)
    Ines Sastre: Francesca Babini

Ines during the making of "Il testimone dello sposo"

  • Faire un film pour moi c'est vivre (documentary about Beyond the Clouds)
    directed by Enrica Antonioni (1995)
    Ines Sastre : herself

  • Al di là delle nuvole (aka Beyond the Clouds)
    directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders (1995)
    Ines Sastre: Carmen

Ines with Kim Rossi Stuart in "Beyond the Clouds"

  • Sabrina
    directed by Sydney Pollack (1995)
    Ines Sastre: a model

  • Fuga dal paradiso
    directed by Ettore Pasculli (1990)
    Ines Sastre: Béatrice

  • Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia
    directed by Ulrike Ottinger (1988)
    Ines Sastre: Giovanna

  • El Dorado
    directed by Carlos Saura (1987)
    Ines Sastre: Elvira

Ines with Lambert Wilson during the making of "El Dorado"

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