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Credits of the main part of the pictures displayed in this site since its opening :
  • Catalogues : Chaumet, Rodier, J.Crew, Bally, Olivier Strelli, Ann Taylor, Mango, Kailis.
  • Advertising : Puig, Lancôme, American Legend, Vareva, Georges Rech, Giorgi Grati, Max Factor.
  • Covers : Glamour, El Pais Semanal, Hola! Especial Moda, Elle Italia, Elle France, Elle Germany, Elle Spain, Marie-Claire Spain, Marie-Claire Germany, Marie-Claire UK, Vogue Spain, Vogue Germany, Telva, Rolling-Stone, GQ, Red Magazine, Woman, You Magazine.
  • Ines at home : Hola! (1993)
    pictures by W.Rizzo-Kipo.
  • The gipsy series : El Pais Semanal (1991)
    pictures by Michael Wray.
  • Gris Graphique : Le Figaro Magazine Special Mode (1996)
    pictures by Pascal Chevallier.
  • Le Madrid secret d'Ines Sastre : Elle Top-Model n°12 (1996)
    pictures by Pierre Chanloup.
  • Ines in Paris-Match : Paris Match (1996)
    pictures by Alvaro Canovas.
  • Parfum de femme : Max (1996)
    pictures by Michel Figuet.
  • Secretos de Otoño : El Pais Semanal (1992)
    pictures by Nacho Pinedo.
  • Soy mucho mas hormiga que cigarra : Hola! (1996)
    pictures by Frédéric Meylan.
  • Une femme européenne : L'Officiel de la Mode (1996)
    pictures by William Laxton.
  • La conquérante : Elle France (1996)
    pictures by Dominique Issermann.
  • Palacio & Lemoniez & Ines Sastre : Elle Spain (1997)
    pictures by Manuel Outumuro.
  • Ines Sastre in Venice : Hola! Special Fashion issue Fall-Winter 92/93
    pictures by ?. (they forgot to write his or her name!)
  • Ines Sastre (Chanel) : Hola! Special Fashion issue Fall-Winter 95/96
    pictures by Jesus Carrero.
  • Pavane pour une infante naissante : Femme (1996)
    pictures by Frédéric Meylan.
  • Trésor de film : L'Oréal en direct (1996)
    pictures by Dominique Issermann.
  • Ines en su casa de Mallorca : Hola! (1995)
    pictures by G.Vicens.
  • El secreto de la armonia : Woman (1997)
    pictures by Neil Kirk.
  • Foreign Correspondant : Marie-Claire UK (1997)
    pictures by Alan Beukers.
  • Branch out : Tatler (1996)
    pictures by Graham Shearer.
  • The Big Easy : Marie-Claire UK (1997)
    pictures by Alan Beukers.
  • Pure Pink : Marie-Claire UK (1997)
    pictures by Alan Beukers.
  • Gris Inesperado : Elle Spain (1997)
    pictures by Hans Feurer.
  • Mágica : Marie-Claire Spain (1998)
    pictures by Manuel Outumuro.
  • This girl is a treasure : Top-model Magazine (1998)
    pictures by Lothar Schmid.
  • Hechizo de luna : Marie-Claire Spain (1998)
    pictures by Julian Marshall.
  • Bandera Blanca : Vogue Spain (1998)
    pictures by Pascal Chevallier.
  • Mujer del 2000 : Elle Spain (1999)
    pictures by Bernard Levy.
  • Altas Horas : Vogue Spain (1999)
    pictures by Oberto Gili.
  • Breast Cancer Care : Marie-Claire UK (1999)
    pictures by Patrick Demarchelier.
  • My Spring wardrobe : Red Magazine (2000)
    pictures by Troy Word.
  • Luna : Luna (2000)
    pictures by Guido Harari and Francesco Escalar.
  • Ines, Directora de Moda : Elle Spain (2000)
    pictures by Roberto Orlandi.
  • Ines decide : GQ Magazine (2000)
    pictures by Marco Rossi.
  • Flowers : El Pais Semanal (2001)
    pictures by Juan Aldabaldetrecu.
  • Birmania : Telva (2001)
    pictures by Alfonso Ohnur.
  • Jizni Vitr : Elle Czech Republic (2001)
    pictures by David Benchitrit.
  • Le bonheur : Elle France (2001) & Telva (2002) & You Magazine (2002)
    pictures by Sylvie Lancrenon.
  • Boheme Chic : Femme (2001)
    pictures by André Rau.
  • Town & Country : Town & Country (2001)
    pictures by Lorenzo Aguis.
  • Wilde Romantik : Vogue Germany (1998)
    pictures by Michel Comte.
  • After Dark : Red Magazine (2002)
    pictures by Troy Word.
  • Un dia en Londres : Telva (2002)
    pictures by Antoni Bernad.
  • Bellissima : DS Magazine (2003)
    pictures by Alexis Limousin.
  • Summer Celebration : Marie-Claire (1997)
    pictures by Hans Feurer and Alan Beukers.
  • Made for each other : Mademoiselle (1995)
    pictures by Dominique Palombo.
  • GQ : GQ Magazine (2004)
    pictures by Marc Kayne.
  • Africa : Elle France & Elle Spain (2005)
    pictures by Sylvie Lancrenon.

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